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Beauty as a 40 Day Spiritual Discipline. The rest of the year, visit me at The Sacred Ordinary (and the ordinary ordinary).

let me walk in beauty

I’m relieved to end 40 Days of Beauty as Spiritual Practice (BASP).  The next post will be at The Sacred Ordinary. It sounds like such a simple and pleasurable practice. BASP is hard to describe. Beauty is not ornamental or superficial … Continue reading

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enid’s four great teachings

Enid has been one of my Great Spiritual Teachers, instructing in the ways of salvation and higher consciousness.  First, she taught about Thrift Stores.  My God, where would I be without Thrift Stores?  Specific teachings on how to find the best … Continue reading

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spiritual nomadism or the one seat

I am a spiritual nomad, as were my ancestors, as are my descendents (so far anyway).  This is the way of our people. Jack Kornfield’s book, “A Path With Heart” includes a chapter entitled, “Take The One Seat.”  Kornfield explains that … Continue reading

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natalie goldberg workshop

This is the third time I’ve worked with Natalie.  definitely a love-hate relationship.  How many times can you write, “I remember”, “I’m looking at”, “I don’t remember”, “I’m not looking at”?  It was better when I was brand new.  Now I’m … Continue reading

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I became intoxicated in an art gallery yesterday.  It wasn’t alcohol, but imagination, color, texture, and the idea that with a piece of plastic, I could buy something. Last year in Taos I went to galleries with Enid – watched as … Continue reading

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through the eyes of a stranger

Some months ago an old friend from Maine visited.  Jean has been like a mother to me, which I sense both in her affectionate support and the particularly maternal way she has of embarrassing me. Here’s an example: Setting:  gourmet grocery store. the … Continue reading

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blogging practice apology

When I was an undergraduate organ major (centuries ago) our department hosted “Night Pipes”, a 10 p.m. weekly organ concert.   Students signed-up to play a few times each semester for experience and to test pieces for recital-readiness. My freshman friend, Gilbert and I were decidedly … Continue reading

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