enid’s four great teachings

Enid has been one of my Great Spiritual Teachers, instructing in the ways of salvation and higher consciousness. 

First, she taught about Thrift Stores.  My God, where would I be without Thrift Stores?  Specific teachings on how to find the best stores.  How to use a shopping cart rather than a little basket.  How to buy a white leather jacket just…because.  How to buy a crystal bowl to keep lipsticks in.  I absolutely plan to get one of these when I start wearing lipstick.

Second she taught about Kindness.  Enid will scrape up any lost animal or human, bring them to her house, feed them, give them work to do if they need it, give them a bed to sleep in, or invite them to lunch.  Even if they’re boring. 

Third she taught how to appreciate The Nice Things in Life, which is what she calls yoga, going out to lunch, music, art, theater, literature, a glass of wine, a spa treatment, a beautifully prepared meal, and a lovely home, all in a scenic setting if possible.  These things feel more higherly conscious and salvific when one is also kind.  I have every confidence that when I become kinder my house will be transformed.

The Fourth Great Teaching was how to address feelings of Envy.  Enid says the only way to combat the beast of Envy is to give yourself the thing you have been deprived of. 

The Fourth Great Teaching was delivered in an antique jewelry store in Taos, New Mexico where Enid tried on silver bracelets.  Large, old, expensive silver bracelets.  My Teacher had experienced Envy when a family member inherited estate jewelry that might have been passed to herself or her daughter.  Knowing the beast had to be slain, Enid did the necessary deed and drew out her credit card, all the while instructing about the Envy’s evil power and the importance of abolishing it.

At the time, her teaching was theoretical.  Although I understood the logic and had no reason to disagree, I couldn’t remember a personal experience of Envy.  I just tucked the teaching away in case need should arise.

Last week, I recognized the beast in my own heart while visiting the National Gallery of Art.  I looked at masterpieces from Japan and Italy and felt Envious of the creators. 

Deeply Envious. 

This is an old Envy that art repeatedly draws out of me.  Am I the only one who experiences this?

And so, this afternoon, Following the Fourth Teaching, I am taking up a sheet of paper and some beautiful rust colored sticks of oil pastel. 

It’s time to Get Even.

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4 Responses to enid’s four great teachings

  1. Lorna Cahall says:

    For someone who is, actually, the angel of the Annunciation in Leonardo’s painting, well, I can’t can’t see you as deprived. You’ve been that all your life and you really don’t need any other identity. However, travel can cause you to leave behind little things – and Taos is so powerful. I think it will settle down soon.

  2. Daniel Pociernicki says:

    Christie has taught me and others a lot of the teachings you attribute to Enid. I don’t like the look of lipstick and can’t bring myself to wear it. Your writing is wise, wonderful and full of smiles.

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