My grandmother loved blue. Almost all of her dresses were blue. Her aprons were blue. Her walls were blue. She and my grandfather always bought blue cars.

It was easy to find a nice gift for her. Any little thing in a pretty shade of blue would make her happy.

One year my parents bought her an aquamarine ring. It was a relatively large oval, and my grandmother cried when she opened the box. She thought it was too beautiful to keep, let alone wear, but my parents eventually convinced her to put it on.

While she was living in a nursing home, I commissioned a friend to weave a lap blanket in a beautiful shade of blue. At this time my grandmother was spending most of her time watching television. (12 – 18 hours per day) I thought a speck of blue would make her happy.

The carefully hand-woven blanket became stained with food. It was a foolish gift, but what do you give a person who lives in half a room?

I don’t know what happened to the aquamarine ring. Even though it wouldn’t suit my hand, I wish I had it to hold and remember my grandmother showing it to me when I was a child, saying,

“Isn’t blue just the most beautiful thing?”


About diane heath

Beauty as a 40 Day Spiritual Discipline. The rest of the year, visit me at The Sacred Ordinary (and the ordinary ordinary).
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